Buy Best HDC Siridhanya millets Unpolished & organic millets combo pack (each millets 900gm) Combo Pack of 5


HDC SIRIDHANYA Unpolished Millet Combo Pack of 5 | Little 900gm, kodo 900gm, Foxtail 900gm, Barnyard 900gm, Browntop 900gm Nutrient Powerhouse, High Protein & 100% more Fibre than Wheat  (Pack of 5)

5 Positive HDC Siridhanya Millets{1 Kg Each} Our all  are de-husked and unpolished. Put on any nutritional parameter, always have an edge over our everyday grains. But somewhere their importance was lost till recent times. When our 5 Positive Siridhanya Millets are consumed on regular basis, ailments caused due to lack of fiber, iron, calcium, protein, and other vitamins can be warded off.

Browntop millet – It eases constipation and helps in detoxifying the body. It acts as a probiotic for respiratory disorders.

Foxtail Millet – This tiny grain is a power house of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and contains very less fat. It is ideal for weight loss, brain health and also good for heart health & diabetics. Full of antioxidants it’s not a boon for the skin as it delays ageing. It also cures disorders like migraine and insomnia. It is a gluten-free grain.

Barnyard Millet – So nutritious and safe that it is given as beginners food to babies. Low in calories, low in glycemic index and high in fiber – online millets is an ideal food for weight watchers, it is also very helpful for heart health and diabetics. It also prevents bloating, constipation and stomach ailments. It is the richest source of iron compared to other grains.

Kodo millet- With Dr khadar vali millets high content of magnesium, calcium and iron – it is a great food for post-menopausal women who may have to face challenges like knee and joint pains. It is very helpful for heart health. Also, with its abundant nutrition value, it helps you to recover post-illness from haemorrhages, inflammation and general weakness.

Little Millet- A perfect substitute of rice- Millets for diabetes control is a store house of nutrition. Rich in calcium, zinc, iron and potassium- a must include in our diets. It contains unsaturated fat which is ideal for our metabolism.

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